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We are offering the Real Time RT-PCR Kit for diagnosis of SARS-Cov2 – the complete solution for your laboratory, no matter whether you choose a Manual or Automatic Extraction method.

RNA / DNA Extraction with AlgimedPREP – Magnetic Bead Extraction

Why magnetic bead extraction?

  1. High degree of RNA/DNA purification
  2. High RNA/DNA yield
  3. Stability of extraction
  4. Reduced time spent
  5. Automation capability
  6. Can be used with Rosche , Thermo, PerkinElmer and others

AlgimedPREP kit contents:

  1. Lysis buffer
  2. Wash buffer №1
  3. Wash buffer №2
  4. Elution buffer

Optional: plates, tips, sealing membrane

Kit contents additional components (depending on the kit):

  • Tubes with internal control sample (ICS)
  • Tips with negative control sample (NCS)
  • Tubes 0,2 ml , 1,5 ml , 2,0 ml)
  • Amplification plate
  • Extraction plate including tips
  • Magnetic rack
  • Tubes with transport medium
  • Sealing membrane
  • Sterile swabs
Manual MethodSemi-automatic MethodAutomatic Method
Extraction time:
96 samples - 90-120 min
Extraction time:
96 samples - 60-70 min
Extraction time:
96 samples - 35 min
The probability of error (human factor) - extremely
The probability of error (human factor) - averageThe probability of error (human factor) - extremely
Dependence on the supply of consumables
(interruptions in supplies from local suppliers are possible)
Dependence on deep well plates supplies (interruptions in supplies from local suppliers are possible)No dependence on the supply of consumables
High demand for application supportAverage demand for application supportLow demand for application support

Manual Method

Semi-automatic Method

Automatic Method


ALSENSE kit includes:

  1. RT polymerase and reverse transcriptase
  2. Reaction buffer ALSENSE (includes internal control sample)
  3. NCS negative control sample
  4. PCS positive control sample


5 genomic equivalent per PCR reaction; from 100 copies RNA in the sample

Quality control through commercial controls:

  • Bio-Rad controls
  • Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) controls

ALSENSE kits are adapted for the following devices:

Otherwise write to us!!!

CFX-96 (Bio Rad)

Rotor-Gene Q, Rotor-Gene 3000, Rotor-Gene 6000, (Qiagen / Corbett)

DTlite, DTprime, DT-96, DT-48

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