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Extraction kit AlgimedPREP, release form 5

Ready-to-use AlgimedPREP reagent kit for the automated nucleic acid extraction from nasopharyngeal swabs or washes and bronchoalveolar lavage aimed to detect SARS-CoV‑2 viral RNA.

Product Details

  • A ready-to-use extraction kit is supplied in 96 deep well plates
  • All necessary plastic consumables (plates and tips) are included in the package
  • You don’t have to program the station because of the ready-to-use protocol
  • The nucleic acid extraction protocol does not take longer than 33 minutes
  • The ready-to-use extraction kit does not support manual dosing operations – the only exception is the sample adding
  • Included storage buffer , which can store isolated nucleic acids
  • The ready-to-use extraction kit can be adapted for different preinstalled robotic stations
AlgimedPREP lysis buffer96 × 0.4 mL1 plate
AlgimedPREP wash buffer #196 × 0.7 mL 1 plate
AlgimedPREP wash buffer #296 × 0.7 mL1 plate
AlgimedPREP elution buffer96 × 0.1 mL1 plate
Extraction pipette tips for 96 samplesfor 96 samples1 plate
AlgimedPREP storage buffer1.8 mL1 tube
  • Extracted DNA or RNA (A260/A280 ratio) has at least 1.7 purity for biological samples.
  • DNA and RNA extraction efficiency range from 30% to 70% (the minimum is 30%).
  • The obtained purified DNA or RNA sample can be used for subsequent analysis by PCR, RT-PCR and other variations.

The extraction kit is validated and compatible with:

  • Kingfisher Automatic Station (Thermo Scientific)
  • Auto-Pure 96 Station (Hangzhou Allsheng Instruments Co)
  • Inopurauto-96 Automatic Station (INOVIA)
  • Nexor 96 Station (Yantai Addcare Biotech Co.Ltd)

Trusted manufacturers and national certification bodies approved the validation and adaptation protocols. They also allow obtaining correct results.

The AlgimedPREP ready-to-use extraction kit concept is just to «LOAD, PRESS START and GO». This process includes only five steps:

  1. First, you need to get the extraction kit out of the refrigerator and then remove the film or foil from the plates;
  2. After that, transfer the samples into the wells of the lysis buffer plate;
  3. Now you need to load all components from the kit, which were included in the package, into the automatic station;
  4. Start the ready-to-use protocol;
  5. Remove the plate with the extracted nucleic acids from the automatic station

Now you have DNA or RNA for your further use;

We are recommending the ALSENSE-SARS-CoV-2-RT-qPCR reagent kit for subsequent analysis of the extracted RNA.


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