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AlgimedPREP – Manual Extraction Kit

Extraction kit AlgimedPREP for magnetic bead DNA extraction from biological material

Product Details

AlgimedPREP extraction kit provides the preanalytical stage for the biological samples subsequent analysis, which is done during the clinical laboratory diagnostics of human infectious pathology using PCR or RT-PCR. The Manual Extraction Kit allows obtaining DNA samples and RNA samples without inhibitors, which provides high analytical capabilities for subsequent analysis.

The field of application is wide. It can be used both for professional research purposes in specialized medical services and healthcare institutions.

Specimens for extraction process. The extraction procedure can be performed from different biological material (clinical samples), which includes swabs, scrapings, sputum, white blood cells, urine (sediment), ejaculate, prostatic fluid (from 100 to 106 cells per one sample).

Test sample volume – 100 μl.

How long does DNA extraction take? Total time required for DNA/RNA extraction from one sample:

  • It takes 40 minutes
Release formReagentVolumeAmount
Release form 2,
for 96 assays
AlgimedPREP magnetic beads1.1 mL1 tube
AlgimedPREP lysis buffer44 mL1 vial
AlgimedPREP wash buffer #140 mL2 vials
AlgimedPREP wash buffer #240 mL2 vials
AlgimedPREP elution buffer12 mL1 tube
AlgimedPREP storage buffer1.8 mL1 tube
  • Extracted DNA or RNA (A260/A280 ratio) has at least 1.7 purity for biological samples.
  • DNA and RNA extraction efficiency range from 30% to 70% (the minimum is 30%).
  • The obtained purified DNA or RNA sample can be used for subsequent analysis by PCR, RT-PCR and other variations.

The AlgimedPREP extraction kit is based on the reversible binding of nucleic acid molecules with the surface of magnetic beads. The sample is treated with a lysis buffer in the presence of magnetic beads. As a result, cell membranes, viral membranes, and other biopolymer complexes are destroyed, and nucleic acids are released. Dissolved nucleic acids binds to the magnetic beads. Other components of the lysed biological material remain in the solution and are removed after magnetic precipitation on a magnetic rack, followed by several washing steps. When an elution buffer is added to magnetic beads, nucleic acids are eluted from the surface of the magnetic beads into solution, which is then separated from the beads by magnetic force. As a result of this procedure, a highly purified DNA or RNA sample is obtained, and it does not contain PCR-inhibitors, which ensures high analytical sensitivity of the PCR study.


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